Introducing Contrasting Ideas

At this point right happy any doubts about introductions yes for the quotation right Jimmy must be from a famous person okay so if you know the situation but if you want to write in a political statements well of course better okay I would say to answer question directly if you like yeah okay and then right okay look at the to link the introduction to the conclusion to entire graphs using words such as furthermore to add information.

However or nevertheless to introduce contrasting ideas and in conclusion to summarize what you have said before we use linkers or conjunctions to make sure the time I didn’t gel together to answer the essay question remember that words such as and so because tend to go in the middle of sentences not the start alright so notice these are the linkers set who might want to incorporate your own right Inga and this is because we are talking about paragraphing an expression now what does that mean we’ve already said one main idea of a paragraph that so we’ll send and we know it yeah but in practice it can be a lot more difficult because when we are trying to stay on point sometimes the contours of our arguments make it difficult to really say on focus and yet that is precisely what we should aspire towards right and we need to use the PQ structure right they always appeal structure is so important and yet we so often neglected yeah and the game was that pure structure yeah let students in the crowd in particular yes okay that ¬†your point and evidence and evidence can’t be conceptualize in terms of your f es t remember all the teachers have mentioned this before is nothing new.

So that your facts and some poor statistics and test buddies I would focus especially on examples right cuts and examples testimonies meaningless unless you want to you know but your mother right yeah but then we note about Lakers Lakers and so but because and please don’t begin a sentence always very very bad yeah try to not to say that all sentences you know necessarily should be adhere to some district form rules but as a rule of thumb we can try to use these specific Lakers in the middle sentences because it allows for greater fluids overall yeah with few exceptions and also many sign Bones Society for example like this shows of that or this on this review set for this highlights there so all these are your possible signposts right these when please throughout the essay allows the reader to get a much clearer sense of what your argument is and of course this Center typos right leads us to the idea of transitional phrases so transitional phrases in terms of furthermore or in addition or more over or additionally better yet these are terms that you can try to incorporate not in a rather artificial or awkward fashion but smoothly to weave them in to the very conscious of the argument.