Hypothesis In A Term Paper

In the purity section you need to state clearly what if they would be we can become this is this is hypothesis so in the in the in the beauty we are building one of these hypothesis this is my hypothesis H 2 okay okay so we expect this one but this unity should be pulled and casted in real world will wake up it shows this friend correctly what happened so instead me we try to collect them collectively what can you think oh we need to plan what kind of inner first one is we collect exchange rate but that will intuitively and we need like interest rate Chinese interest rate there’s many many different interest rate but we try to collect the very representative okay representative Chinese interface most but most difficult and title is China – interest laughs and us interested also you need to plan over time Chinese go straight. Get to know more about use of hypothesis at Edusson.

Also you need to collect us go straight Chinese inflation rate US interest rate all 17 us with a decline where can we find on this thank you Tony we can use we can touch Google hua from the internet such but I this time I because this is international data so maybe you can go to World Bank okay World Bank World Bank also has many information about this but this time I collect the data from Federal Reserve US Federal Reserve pain Federal Reserve I’d like to think of a better teacher so this several sources to clear a path I highly recommend this one last night last night I said I could download all these seven Dana’s and I I put the over there and I felt I felt it and then I grant it over time with this and really huh it’s not enough but just for exercise class exercise I arranged it made the database and then I release the black hole so we can download black box today we will so but but here actually all this is actually data.

So we know this is kind of this kind of these series that best one in fact now we have data there we need to we need to analyze otherwise the data using statistical techniques okay usually we use the regression regression techniques religion techniques regression analysis the regression analysis as I mentioned because this is our our general functional form but in statistics we need to we need to specify the functional form support it could be linear function it could be pedantic function it could be triple functions Y it could be exponential functions it could be any bunch of mathematical okay not least we have the flood but very simple where is simple way to talk okay of course this spectacle edifice is use the linear regression linear function simply simple linear will be like this okay like this dollar per VM will be a function linear function mapping of intercept beta 2 plus beta 1 beta 1 interest China letter to interest us method 3 create growth rate of China and Nepal Rose Facebook us Ratna 5 that the father is inflation China and estates inflation of us.