Good Study Tips – Time Management Strategies

Time management is an important aspect for any study program. Don’t worry though, because most time management strategies will come naturally once you understand them and keep using them. The key phrase is “keep using them!”

Good students seem to have a built in time management system, while other students end up saying “where did the time go?” Your goal is the productive use of a valuable resource- time. Take charge of your time, and you have a better chance to achieve all your goals. By adopting skills that some people use naturally, you can make your efforts more productive. It may also help you to become aware of what good students do and model their behavior. What is their attitude? What are their good study tips? Where do they “draw the line” in terms of spending their time?

Keep A Winning Mindset

Adopt a “take charge” attitude. Even if you have to take classes that aren’t satisfying, being proactive will make it easier. Keep an eye on the prize- your short and long term goals. Visualize all your studies as movement towards something positive that you really want to accomplish.

Let’s say you love literature and dislike math. Replace any negative self-talk about math with words that link the completion of the math to working on your favorite literature assignment. Whisper the words to yourself and see yourself doing what you want to do when the math is complete. Try it! It’s one of the simplest good study tips, but it works. The hardest subjects may still be hard, but the energy you have to take them on will increase with a different inner mindset in place.

Do You Need Willpower?

A good chunk of time management is ruled by whether we follow the course we have taken the time to outline. Don’t underestimate the importance of willpower to fulfill all those good study tips. Take the steps to know where you need to go as a student, and then access the willpower to move in that direction.

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Remember that the past has brought you to the present, but the present is not ruled by the past. If you are reading this, then you have already taken a step in the right direction. As you practice time management and apply these good study tips, the willpower to keep using them will increase.

How long will it take before these good study tips become automatic? Research shows that within 3 weeks you will begin to really “own” the new study habits you begin today. That includes the shift away from negative inner talk. In just over 2 months, the practices you implement now should be well ingrained in your psyche.