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Makes it a lot more convenient for you okay all right so which room would you like to go with okay so the second are behind the penthouses now would you have a form of ID on you thank you very much I’m just going to type in your information into the community how do you have a credit card or depakote here’s your ID and tapes your credit card you are all sad in our system some performed I want you to assign something for me guys we are policies just fill in a little bit information.

Here you now if you please sign on the bottom here then your booking will be all set but here’s a pen have you guys ever been to this area No well because I think I can give you some recommendations for attractions in this area we have a lot of great things to say and if you haven’t been here before sometimes it’s hard to find the best ones now I have some fliers here leaves a lot of booking for excursions through this hotel so I can show you some of the best rooms.

Until some popular ones so if you look down I have a magazine right here and I can show you all of the excursions that we offer in this area so you can see we have a beer tour we have a couple great breweries in this area and they offer wonderful guided tours my recommendation would be this one right here they offer a ton of samples along the tour well so I have some pub crawls going home this week Sophie – guys do like going to bars there’s some fun pub girls you can meet some local people if you guys aren’t that much into the party scene then we have some nature things that you can do yeah.

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Has a lot of great danger we have ATV tours on this page I can see you can ride by yourself with the partner it’s totally up to you if you aren’t super comfortable riding on an ATV so I have some skiing what this is as a shuttle bus takes you up to our mountain and you can do some skiing or snowboarding you go with a group so I’m gonna come back with a group some of the tour options even offer a dinner.

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